Julia Roberts offered lead role in Nelson Mandela biopic

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White, American, red-haired, female actor Julia Roberts has been put forward by producers to play the black, South African, grey haired, male politician in a new blockbuster biopic about his life, politics, and imprisonment.

When asked how a white, American, red-haired, female actor can play a black, South African, grey haired, male politician, a spokesperson for the production company said, ‘She’s a very versatile actor. Plus, this film is set ages ago so I don’t think people will remember the ins and outs of out of the story and won’t be too focused on intricate details like that.’

In an interview about her rumoured involvement in the film, the white, American, red-haired, female actor said ‘I can understand people’s hesitations about this potential casting. I trust the producers to make the right call, and the audience to respect that all cinema requires a certain level of suspension of disbelief. Plus, I’ve had a couple of coaching sessions with Scarlet Johansson, so I know what I’m doing.’

Sophie May

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