Hen do invite shatters woman’s hopes of buying a house

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A young woman from south London has seen her plans to buy a house scuppered at the last minute, after she received an invite to a close friend’s hen do.

After renting for several years, Rachel Youds, 29, managed to save enough money to put herself in the unheard-of position of being able to purchase a property within the M25, whilst still being in her twenties.

However, with a deal to buy the house all set to go, Becky, 31, sent out a meticulous and pricey-looking itinerary for her hen weekend, putting Rachel’s plans to live a quiet, happy life in jeopardy.

The itinerary reveals that all attendees are expected to fork out the money on flights and accommodation, as well as a top-of-the-range spa day and a VIP table at an exclusive nightclub.

Becky, who has reassured friends that she will cover the cost of penis-shaped shot glasses, sees this weekend not only as a celebration of her upcoming marriage, but also as an opportunity for friends to stake their claim to be a bridesmaid.

Failure to attend and enthusiastically take part in every activity at full expense will likely result in a de-invitation from the hen do and even the wedding itself.

Rachel is now left with two options. Attend the hen do; resort to buying a house in Reading and never again being close enough to her friends to see them. Or reject the invite and purchase the house in London, but be left no friends to ever meet up with.

Jamie Clarke

Jamie is currently pursuing a career as a writer, having failed at pretty much everything else. When not writing, he earns money doing bar work, thus inadvertently becoming the biggest cliché of all time. He remains positive that he can make it big one day - provided he can somehow grasp the concept of self-motivation and stop getting stuck down YouTube wormholes.