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Five easy exercises to sprain your ankle without you having to go outside

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It’s difficult to remain fit and active while you are self-isolating, but it’s not impossible. We’ve put together a quick home workout that will leave you toned, sore and limping just as fast as any outdoor exercise.

5 Exercise Workout

  1. Running on the spot – 3x rounds of 30 secs. Start running, but don’t really.

Running on the spot is technically less dangerous than running outside, but it’s amazing how easily you’ll still manage to find things to trip over on a flat carpeted surface.

  1. Jumping Jacks – 3x rounds of 30 secs. Stand with your arms and legs together then sort of jump outwards then back again.

Jumping Jacks contain plenty of momentum to get your heart rate up and put pressure on those delicate ankle bones.

  1. Burpees – 3x rounds of 20 secs. Firstly, look up what plank position is. Then, start in plank position and jump up to standing, then jump back down again into plank.

This is a challenging exercise which works the whole body, giving you just as much opportunity to sprain your wrists as your ankles.

  1. Lunges – 3x rounds of 20 secs on each side. Swing your leg in front of you and then balance your weight on that leg in a sort of lunge.

Lunges are effective in building leg strength and putting lots of weight on just one ankle at a time. They are particularly beneficial if you can be bothered to do both sides.

  1. Squats -3x rounds of 30 secs. Stand with your feet hip distance apart and then… squat.

Squats are low impact and easy on the knees and ankles, but if you are really paying attention you can still do some damage.

And you’re done!! Great job. We hope that workout leaves you feeling like you want to put off doing any further exercise just as effectively as any exercise class or gym session would!

Clarissa Maycock

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