Wow! Check out these five amazing restaurants that are still delivering, but not to your area

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We know that Coronavirus has finally made you consider turning your oven on. But sadly because you’ve spent the last three years eating out every night and either not pooing or pooing too much, your digestive system just won’t cope with a home cooked meal.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a drool-worthy list of AMAZING restaurants that are just a click away… for anyone with a W1 postcode.

Enormous Market

Woah! Did you know that this humongous market with food from all over the world isn’t delivering anywhere near your area? Stalls of hummus, halloumi, curry, pasta, kebabs, doughnuts, falafel and fresh fruit are all completely available to order online (if you live inside the market).

Edgy Curry

Cool kids with three or more ear piercings no longer need to miss vodka soaked paneer wraps or salted caramel bhajis because this hip and happening Indian restaurant is now delivering! You live above their restaurant/tattoo parlour in Shoreditch, right?

Those Pastries You Love

You may have forgotten what it feels like to wear a bra or see your friends, but at least those pastries you love are still delivering. Sweet, sticky and covered in cinnamon… you’re irresistible, yet they still refuse to deliver to your flat in North London.

Chicken and Chips

Coronavirus may have closed their doors for a while, but Chicken and Chips is finally back open for delivery. Their complex wizardry of both chicken and chips is hard to replicate but, luckily, they’re delivering to the humble folk who reside at Buckingham Palace.

Cheese Porn

This melted raclette and selection of Brie can easily be yours if you’re willing to pretend to live on Oxford Street and take four buses to meet your driver. Expect cold, hardened cheese that’s been nibbled by mice – but it’s still better than cooking, right?

Briony Puddepha

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