Boyfriend shirts that suggest you might know a man

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Sometimes you want to keep things casual with an oversized shirt that looks like it belongs to a man, but doesn’t. Men’s shirts don’t fit on women’s bodies, which is where the handy Boyfriend shirt comes in. And look out- a good Boyfriend shirt doesn’t just exude boho cool, it also implies that you have known man.

  1. Plaid

Ok, Miss Lumberjack! Adorable with denim shorts, a plaid boyfriend shirt suggests you have a plaid boyfriend, with a large beard and strong arms. How else would you have gotten this shirt?

  1. Formal

An oversized office shirt heavily implies that you have been railed by a man who has a job. Stride with pride as you cosplay the walk of shame.

  1. Short Sleeved

Wear a short sleeved boyfriend shirt to hint that you not only met a man, but that you met him on a beach when the days were warmer, and that your romance was sweet as the taste of honeysuckle on a forgotten summer breeze. Perhaps you might see him again some day, if he ever returns from the sea. Roll up the sleeves for a vintage look.

Ruby Clyde

Ruby is in a comedy double act called Shelf. She lives alone in the Hebrides with her loyal border collie, Shep. She wears exclusively cashmere and contemplates the sea, and has written her bio aspirationally.