Where are they now? Child stars of the 1760s

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Get ready to get nostalgic as we catch up with the most beloved child stars of the late Baroque period. Some went on to become household names, and some have slipped out of the limelight. All have died. Let’s turn back the clock and see what these young celebs are up to now!

Princess Isabella of Parma

Princess Isabella, the belle of the Austrian court, is now interred in Vienna’s Imperial Crypt Vaults. It seems like just yesterday that Europe was dazzled by portraits of the young Spanish royal.

Katsushika Hokusai

Hokusai began painting at age 6 and stayed in the biz, going on to create some of the world’s most beloved images of Mount Fuji. He is currently dead.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Mozart hit it big when he performed a private concert for King George III of England in 1764, and he’s been a household name ever since. Feel old yet? Child prodigy Mozart has been dead for over 200 years!

George Bridgetower

A violinist best known for his hot collab with songwriter Beethoven, these days child star George is living it up in Kensal Green Cemetery, where he is dead.

Ruby Clyde

Ruby is in a comedy double act called Shelf. She lives alone in the Hebrides with her loyal border collie, Shep. She wears exclusively cashmere and contemplates the sea, and has written her bio aspirationally.