I lived it: I girl bossed too hard and came around full circle and now I’m the intern

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A Camden woman has found herself in difficulty at work today, after earning so many promotions that she cycled through the ranks entirely and ended up back where she started.

Niamh Parker, 32, started her journey to Girl Boss extraordinaire several years ago.

“I was initially inspired when I saw a huge corporation release ‘Boss Lady’ and ‘The Future is Female’ merchandise and post a pastel infographic on Instagram,” Niamh shared. “I decided enough was enough. I was going to stop asking and start demanding. I landed my first promotion a week later.” 

Over the coming months, Niamh successfully climbed the corporate ladder, growing her network and her “Girl Boss” notepad collection tenfold. 

“Before I knew it I’d reached the top. But it wasn’t enough. I just didn’t know who I was without being able to declare I was ‘taking charge of my destiny.’ It wasn’t the same without that struggle to reach the next rung of the ladder. I missed the #hustle. The #girlpower.” 

“Winning didn’t feel right. And when I say feel right, I mean my followers weren’t responding very well to my Instagram stories making fun of the maid.” 

“I think she realised the only way to sustain that Girl Boss way of life was to need to keep trying.” Told friend and colleague Jess Baxter, 29. “Before I knew it, she’d packed her This Girl Can poster and unopened copy of Michelle Obama’s autobiography into a box and was moving back down to the basement. She tried to offer me her old job by passing me her CEO plaque and saying ‘she’s your baby now,’ but a man from the shareholders group came and told me that wasn’t legally binding.”

“I forgot how dull it was forwarding emails and getting people coffee.” Confessed Niamh. “No one looks me in the eye or remembers my name. But now I can’t go back. When I tell people I used to be the CEO they just laugh in my face.” 

For now, Niamh plans to keep her head down and focus on climbing back to the top, helping as many other women up with her as she can. 

“And when I say I support women, I mean ALL women. I don’t pick or choose based on personal convenience.” Niamh added. “Because you know what they say, ‘empowered women empower women.’ Oh, sorry. I have to go. Missguided just put out an offer code.”

Jodie Irvine

Jodie is a writer, actor and improviser. She has the stature of a child and loves having it pointed out to her by people she doesn't know very well. Jodie was voted "funniest girl in the year" in 2010 and has been riding that high ever since.