About us

Succubus is a satirical online women’s magazine that uses humour to challenge the way media, society and men communicate with women. We’re here to promote the funniest comedy writers from the UK and beyond.

None of the articles on this website are based on fact, so please don’t quote us at the dinner table when trying to impress your partner’s extended family. Unless you’re trying to make them laugh, in which case, tell them to bring a spare pair of pants. 

If you’re interested in writing blazing-hot content for Succubus, head over to the submissions page for more information.

Nice things people have said about us

“feminine spin on The Onion…smart, relatable, and consistently hilarious.” – Mike Scully (The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation)

“holds my innermost thoughts at gunpoint” – Alec Sulkin (Family Guy)

“So consistently funny that while reading it, if I’m not laughing out loud, I’m sitting there in jealousy, wishing I had come up with that” – Josh Weinstein (The Simpsons)

“Makes the kind of content you wish you’d thought of first” – Bella Younger (Deliciously Stella)

“Wonderful” – Laugh Out London



Images of the Succubus team were taken by photographer Sam Elliott. Makeup was provided by Beth Harkess.

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Succubus is a satirical website published at succubusmag.com by Succubus Productions Ltd. All work is © 2017 Succubus Productions Ltd and may not be republished on any platform, in part or as a whole, without written permission from the publishers.

Succubus uses fictional characters, except in instances where a figure is in the public eye. Any similarities to persons living or dead are coincidental, unless Succubus has written consent to use their name or likeness.

Succubus takes steps to ensure that work submitted is the original property of the authors. Any similarities with other work are accidental and will be removed if prior art can be demonstrated. Please contact the editorial team if you think this may be the case.

Succubus features adult content that is not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

All images are posed by models, except where a public figure is shown for satirical purposes, and are legally purchased through stock image libraries or created by the Succubus team and credited to the artist.