Only 11% of TV comedy in the UK is currently written by women.

As the editors of Succubus Magazine, we receive countless submissions from amazing female comedy writers every single day. Our experience of the incredibly talented women striving to succeed does not tally with this depressing statistic.

These voices deserve to be heard.

We have launched the #WriteWithHer campaign not only to shine a spotlight on these women, but also to help facilitate opportunities for female comedy writers that go beyond our capacity as the editors of this site.

It is not enough to hope that this inequality will eventually balance itself out. It is time for those already in the industry to actively seek out and work with new talent, so women writers can have a chance to learn and grow with the best.

We need more people to start actively championing women’s voices, at entry level and beyond. We don’t want to hear any more excuses that there “just aren’t as many good women in comedy as men” because we know that this is far from true. But we need your help to achieve this.


How you can get involved

Using the hashtag

Celebrate a female comedy writer who the industry should be desperate to work with by using the hashtag #WriteWithHer. There are loads of us and people should know we exist. We need you to shout about us so people will listen.

Calling out all-male writers rooms

If you’re a male comedy writer in an all-male writers room, call it out and have a list of amazing women to recommend – or search #WriteWithHer on Twitter to find them.

Sharing your space

We are looking for spaces to run events and workshops in London, and eventually beyond. We want to help women learn the basics of web satire, create opportunities for women, and to create a network for women to share their knowledge of comedy writing with others. To do this, we need office space to expand our team. If you’re a company with a space we could use, we would love to hear about it.

We’re also looking for a permanent home for our all-female comedy night. If you have any leads on that, please do let us know.


We are really proud to have a team of over fifty incredibly talented women writing for us. If you are looking for brilliant comedy writers to bring onto a project you are working on, we’d love to hear about it.


We learn from the best. If you are interested in mentoring any of our up and coming comedy writers, helping us run workshops or just having a chat with us, send us a message.

Partnering up

If you’re an organisation that supports female writing talent, we want to work with you. Drop us an email and we can go from there.


Contact us:

Sara [at] succubusmag [dot] com

Kat [at] succubusmag [dot] com