We’re delighted to make our debut at Vault Festival, an incredible space for up and coming + innovative art, theatre and comedy, this February 1st 2019 at 10.35pm.

In light of recent garbage being batted around online and in the media – disappointingly by high-profile figures within the UK comedy industry – we’ve decided to use our show at Vault Festival as an opportunity to express unequivocal solidarity with the trans community + raise money for charities doing important work supporting trans and gender questioning children and transforming schools and organisations into LGBT+ friendly places.

The unstoppable Jordan Gray will be taking over as guest host, alongside Jessie Johnson, Shelf and Kemah Bob on the bill, with even more to be announced. Seriously, they’re all so funny, we’re worried it might actually be too much.


Here’s a bit about the charities we are proudly supporting:


An incredible charity whose aims are to reduce isolation and loneliness for gender variant, transgender people and young people, empower families, provide mental health support, improve self-esteem and improve awareness. More info here.


Another amazing charity working with the trans community, specialising in supporting young trans people under the age of 21. They deliver trans youth programmes, support for parents and carers and trans awareness training. Their mission to to increase understandings of gender diversity. More info here.


Our final brilliant charity, on a mission to change the face of the education system by making nurseries, primaries, secondaries colleges and universities LGBT+ friendly by developing accessible resources, proving training and a robust programme which guarantees positive change and facilitates young people, families and teachers to be themselves without fear of discrimination. More info here.

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