Shock! Woman who posted underwear pictures on Insta not, in fact, real model

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Followers of an Oxford woman were surprised to discover yesterday that, despite a constant stream of pictures captioned “photoshoot”, she won’t actually be appearing in any marketing campaigns.

Admin assistant, Jade Atkinson, 22, is well known amongst friends for posting bikini shots online and her passion for modelling is no secret, so when Jade posted this new collection of photos, they automatically assumed she must have finally be scouted.

“I was so made up when I saw the pictures” said Holly Carpenter, 23, a close friend of Jade. “She’s wanted to pursue a career in underwear modelling since we were tiny, so I was really happy that she’d finally been given this opportunity.”

Jade’s boss, Sandra Wilkins, 44, said “I was very surprised when I saw the photos. She hadn’t mentioned anything about it and we certainly hadn’t been made aware she was about to leave the office and go jet-setting around the globe as a model! Obviously I called her in for a meeting immediately.”

It was after this meeting that Atkinson issued the following statement online:

“Hi everyone. I just wanted to clear a few things up as there seem to be rumours flying about left, right and centre. As hard as it may be to believe, these aren’t actually professional modelling shots. I got them done as a present from my Mum for my birthday by Model Shots 4 U, who have some really reasonably priced packages, so do check them out. I’m so sorry for any confusion and am so touched at all the positive responses I got about the pictures.”

Jade is currently still working in admin but is continuing to add to her portfolio in the hopes of being picked up by an agent in the near future.

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