How to look like you’re working when you’re actually daydreaming about Steve from Stranger Things and his baseball bat

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Anyone who’s seen the new season of Stranger Things, or has basic access to the Internet, knows that Steve Harrington from Stranger Things is officially a grade-A dreamboat.

While the only rational thing to do is spend all day every day fantasising about Steve rescuing you from a demagorgon, unfortunately we all have to get up and do things, like earn a living. What a buzz kill. If you’re not quite ready to re-enter reality, never fear – here are our top tips for faking productivity while you’re actually planning your eighties-themed wedding and raising your surrogate eighties children together.

Do lots of typing

Typing makes you look super busy, and nobody will bother you, because they won’t want to disturb you while you’re on a roll. Just make sure you minimise your screen, before your boss sees that you’ve just repeatedly typed the words “Mrs Steve Harrington”.

Make tea

Making tea requires very little thought, and frees up your brain for some more sweet, sweet Steve time. You can also turn making tea into a bonafide Steve-related activity. Leave a teabag to stew – it’s three letters of Steve. Someone’s bound to want some Steve-ia… you get the Steve idea.

Schedule business meetings with colleagues named Steve

Steve, Steve, Stevey-Steve Steve.


Sara Gibbs

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