Three kids-cartoon-themed pairs of underwear that’ll make him feel weird

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There’s nothing better than a trip down nostalgia lane, particularly if you can crowbar it onto something you wear all the time, like underwear. Here are our favourite designs of underwear that’ll make your boyfriend go “oh, I remember that show from when I was a kid” and then feel kinda weird about it, but endeavour to have sex with you anyway.

The Care Bears

The Care Bears are a multicoloured selection of adorable fluffy bears. He’s bound to feel both perplexed and turned on at the sight of these fluffy fur friends, smiling happily at him.

A selection of Disney Princesses

Disney princesses, historically speaking, were probably underage, but thankfully, due to context, it wasn’t seen as an entirely disgusting act of paedophilia. Interestingly, the same cannot be said for your underwear.


Little tiny creatures that will probably look really sexy covering your most intimate area. He’ll be the perfect mix of “oh yes” and “oh no”. Hot.

After all, who doesn’t like being reminded of stuff we used to like as kids whilst having sex?

Kat Sadler

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