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Woman really wants you to know she successfully completed exercise class

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A PR executive from London has gone to great lengths to tell everyone she completed an exercise class this week. Spinning, to be precise.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of it before, but spinning is actually a great way to get into shape,” said Claire Harman, 27. “I went to a HIIT class. Yep, that stands for high intensity interval training.”

Claire’s manager, Sarah Dalston, 35, said: “I knew something was up when Claire walked into the office in a pair of leggings doing lunges. Now I understand it’s because she went to the gym this morning.”

Claire, who has previously expressed no interest in fitness, is now absolutely, definitely, 100% going to keep up her exercise kick.

“I’ve signed up for 20 classes a month, which I think is a totally realistic goal for me,” continued Claire. “I just can’t believe how much I enjoyed it; I’m pretty sure my thighs are tighter already.”

Not satisfied with enjoying the class alone, Claire has also been trying to enlist her friends and colleagues into coming with her.

Her intern, Ella Smith, 21, said: “I mean, I don’t feel like I can say no, can I? She’s got the power to make or break my career at this point, so if I have to go to aerial Pilates with her so be it.”

Olivia Foster

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