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Julie’s new water bottle reminds her when to drink, but doesn’t remind her to mind her own business

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Colleagues of Julie Whittaker, 28, were surprised to find out that the pink silicone attachment to her water bottle was, in fact, not a sex toy, but a form of alarm system to remind her to stay hydrated.

They were then disappointed to hear that this would be the only thing it’d remind Julie to do, and unfortunately wouldn’t alert her to keep her nose out of their personal affairs.

“If an alarm went off four times a day to tell her that, no, Gemma in Accounts isn’t pregnant yet, and yes, she has been married for a year now, I think that would do us all a lot more good that Julie using the staff toilet every 8 minutes,” commented one of Julie’s colleagues, who wished to remain anonymous.

She hesitated before adding, “I’m glad she’s healthier, but I am starting to think we liked her better when she was dehydrated.”

“It’s so handy!” explained Julie. “I’m definitely going to recommend this to Rachel from HR, who could use a little hydration after the last few nights out I’ve heard she’s been having, if you get what I mean – glug glug!”

Julie then tried to mime downing a bottle of wine, before her water alarm went off again for the fifth time.

Verity Babbs

Verity Babbs is a stand-up, sketch and improvised comedian with the Oxford Revue and Oxford Imps. Her performance mostly involves sticking ham to herself and declaring that she is “Hamlips, Prince of Denmark”.