Woman becomes the most emailed person of all time after briefly signing up to Pinterest

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They are calling it an email exchange to rival some of the lengthiest correspondences in human history, and yet Stacy, 33 from Essex, has never sent as much as a “hello”.

She signed up for Pinterest for five minutes in 2012, but soon decided it wasn’t for her and never logged in again. However, nearly seven years on she is still receiving upwards of six emails a day, alerting her to topics she might enjoy on the site. “I hear from them more than I hear from my own mother,” she explains. “At this point they feel like family.”

Stacy can’t even remember why she signed up to Pinterest in the first place, and yet now it defines her entire online life and structures her day. She described, “I don’t wear a watch anymore. I know when it’s time to go to lunch because that’s when the email about scarf moodboards comes through.”

The latest email, enthusiastically suggesting she look at Pinterest boards about spider plants, cushions and Star Wars characters, came just 10 minutes before this interview started. “I have no idea why they think I might be interested in any of those things, but I know better now than to try to unsubscribe.”

Every time she tries to unsubscribe, it just results in more emails. “I suppose it’s comforting to know that there will always be someone out there who wants to get in touch with me – and that even after I die someone will still be trying to get me to look at images of potted plants.”

Stacy says she is very happy to receive the accolade of “Most Emailed of All Time” and is now planning to pen an autobiography to tell her story. “Maybe one day I’ll actually log into Pinterest again, but probably not.”

Clarissa Maycock

Clarissa is comedy producer and writer based in London. One of her comedy characters was a winner of The Comedy Crowd's "Chorts" competition and featured in The British Comedy Guide. She is hoping to explain it all one day.