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Woman recreates the joy of a summer stroll by getting her boyfriend to catcall her from upstairs

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One of the things we are all missing during the national lockdown is the simple joy of a stroll outside. But one enterprising woman from Cambridge has found a way to recreate that feeling indoors in just 3 simple steps! She wears modified slippers with uncomfortable stiletto heels, opens the windows wide and arranges for her boyfriend to heckle her from the landing.

Sally Smith, 38, says that thanks to some help from her partner David, 39, she no longer feels like she’s missing out on her usual evening walk.

“He’ll shout things like ‘hello, love’ and ‘give us a smile’ at me, which really makes me feel like I’m walking past a construction site in a summer dress.

At one point I got him to cycle past the window and whistle so it felt a bit like he was going past in a van. With the breeze in my hair and a vague sense of unease, I could have been walking back from work or going for a stroll on the common.”

Sally says that just 15 mins of pretend walking each day is plenty, after which “the pain in my feet becomes overwhelming and I have to sit down.” She says that she hopes she can wear a real pair of heels again soon, but until then the stabbing pain of her modified slippers would have to do. “I’ve just added some sticks onto the bottom”

Sally and David say that the sunny weather has made it tempting to go outside, but they are determined not to break the lockdown restrictions. “It is important to stay at home to protect the NHS” Sally added, “this may all seem a bit elaborate, but walking is important to me so I think it’s worth it. We do have quite a large back garden, so I suppose I could try walking out there one day.”

Clarissa Maycock

Clarissa is comedy producer and writer based in London. One of her comedy characters was a winner of The Comedy Crowd's "Chorts" competition and featured in The British Comedy Guide. She is hoping to explain it all one day.