Steal his look: why everyone’s going crazy for “The Cold Bernie”

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Congressman Bernie Sanders has seized the means of production and the hearts of a nation with his practical but fashion-forward inauguration outfit.  Here’s how to nab his ‘old man on a chilly January day’ look.

Mittens are key

Gloves are so 2020. Keep them guessing with a pair of stylish homemade mittens, which will conceal dry, hand-sanitiser wearied palms and provide a much-needed je ne sais quoi. Whether you’re filibustering in the House for universal healthcare or doing a work Powerpoint over Zoom, patterned mittens give your passionate gesticulations that extra wow factor.

Bundle up in a vintage coat

While other attendees opted for swish new outerwear, Bernie pulled a Kate Middleton and recycled one of his most famous outfits – a greenish brown coat that he also trotted out for his big meme moment. Learn from this elder titan of socialism by donning a jacket that everyone already knows you own. Property is theft, after all.

Pick out a vibrant mask

A good face mask can really tie an inauguration outfit together, turning ‘man waiting for wife outside shop’ into ‘man waiting for wife outside shop during pandemic’. Bernie opted for a classic blue medical mask, which really popped against his white mane and otherwise muted colour palette. Take note!

Strike a pose

Events of national importance can be tiring, particularly when you’re 79 – but Bernie’s never been one to put his comfort ahead of fashion! Notice how he crosses his legs and arms, looking not only warm, but elegant to boot – all while putting those incredible mittens centre-stage. If this is champagne socialism, count me in!

Rhiannon Shaw

Rhiannon is a comedian and writer from Wolverhampton. While at university she was a member of the Cambridge Footlights. Rhiannon has been UTI-free since 2016.