Three adorbs baby photos that will one day be used against you in an emancipation suit

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Your baby is, of course, the cutest thing to have ever thrown up on your favourite outfit (the last thing to do that was your friend Liz at uni, but somehow an entire bottle of pinot noir down your top was harder to forgive). Naturally, you want to share every moment of your little bundle of joy’s development with the entire Internet.

Sure, one day your little potato with a face will be a fully grown adult with some challenging questions about privacy and employability, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

In the meantime, here are three squee-worthy baby pics that will serve as evidence in the inevitable lawsuit:

Oksana Kuzmina /

The exercise class nobody signed up for

“Is that entirely safe, mum? Do I look like a free weight to you?” But hey, this gem got 100 likes quicker than you can say “somebody call social services.”

Timothy Boomer /

This tiny tantrum

This is all very well and good until a job interviewer asks a now-grown-up bubs how they cope under pressure. Not very well, clearly, and the whole world knows it. Your weak defence of “but he was doing an adorable poo” is only making your baby madder.

zmijak / Adobe Stock

Whatever the hell this is

Fine, your baby might have grown up to be an Olympic gymnast, but at what cost, you monsters?? This photo doubles up as evidence in the teddy bear manslaughter case.

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