Sandra’s girls’ night out fails to pass the Bechdel test

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A Bristol woman’s ‘girls’ night out’ has failed to pass the Bechdel test after the entire evening was spent discussing men.

“Look, we’re very well-rounded women with lots of diverse interests,” explained Sandra Abington, 27. “You just caught us on a bad night.”

“Lucy’s boyfriend has just broken up with her, Emma’s boss is being a dick and my husband wants to take up gymnastics, for some reason.”

“We all had early starts the next day,” Sandra continued, “and these were the most pressing issues. There just wasn’t all that much time to chat about anything else.”

“Maybe we’d spend less time talking about men if they stopped being so universally awful.”

“Seriously,” she urged, “it’s not always like this. Come along next month and enjoy a range of topics, from Lucy’s upcoming trip to Iceland to Emma’s phobia of ASMR videos.”

Headline by Graeme Rawson

Sara Gibbs

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